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Amazon S3 REST Wrapper
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Author: Joe Danziger (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: August 3, 2011 1:55 PM
Version: 2.1
Views: 114,536
Downloads: 4,789
License: Apache License, Version 2


A CFC for managing all aspects of Amazon's Simple Storage Service, including file and directory (bucket) operations. Uses a REST interface to perform all operations. Meant to be integrated into existing applications.

The CFC has the following methods:
* init(accessKeyID, secretAccessKey) - initialize CFC (both parameters required).
* getBuckets() - List all buckets.
* putBucket(bucketName, acl, storageLocation) - create a new bucket (acl is optional and defaults to public-read, storageLocation is optional and defaults to non-EU. Use 'EU' for the European location contraint).
* getBucket(bucketName, prefix, marker, maxKeys, ShowVersions) - get contents of a bucket (prefix
is optional and matches on the beginning of a key, marker is optional and results
start from there, maxKeys is optional and restricts the number of objects returned).
* deleteBucket(bucketName) - delete a bucket (bucket must be empty).
* putObject(bucketName, fileKey, contentType, HTTPtimeout, cacheControl, cacheDays, acl, storageClass, keyName, uploadDir) - puts an object into a bucket (HTTPtimeout is in seconds - default is 300; cacheControl tells browser to cache object - default is true; cacheDays default is 30; acl = access control list; storageClass = S3 Storage Class; keyName defaults to fileKey; uploadDir defaults to current directory).
* getObject(bucketName, fileKey, minutesValid) - get link to an object (minutesValid
is optional and defaults to 60).
* copyObject(oldBucketName, oldFileKey, newBucketName, newFileKey) - copies an object.
* renameObject(oldBucketName, oldFileKey, newBucketName, newFileKey) - renames an object.
* deleteObject(bucketName, fileKey) - delete an object from a bucket.
* objectExists(bucketName, fileKey) - determines if object exists in bucket.
* setBucketVersioning(bucketName,versioningStatus) - sets versioning on a bucket.
Valid values are 'Enabled' and 'Suspended'
* getBucketVersioning(bucketName) - gets current versioning status of bucket.

NOTE: You may also access your objects via:

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Last Update:

Added objectExists method to check if item exists on S3. Does a HEAD request for metadata and does not retrieve entire object.

Issue Tracker:

5 xmlSearch incompatibility with CF10 Open 12/30/13 1:34 PM
3 putObject shouldn't assume file key is the same as the real path Fixed 01/06/11 3:24 PM
4 Prefix must resolve to a namespace: Fixed 12/30/10 5:48 PM
2 Feature Request: add metadata info to 'putObject' so you can add cache-control/expires info to S3 files Fixed 12/15/08 3:12 AM
1 getObject() Fixed 06/13/08 12:31 AM

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