Another New Version: 1.7

Amazon's Cache Control setting has now been added as an option on the putObject method, which lets the browser know the object should be cached when it is accessed.

This is enabled by default on the new version. It is recommended that all users upload as this will lead to cost savings due to less requests being sent to S3.

Normally, even if an item is in the browser cache, it will still check S3 to see if the item is updated, but this tells the browser to just use the cache and not even touch S3.

Thanks to Jerad Sloan for the code.

New Version: 1.6

New version adds copyObject and renameObject methods. This was made available recently by Amazon.

New Streamlined Version 1.4

A new version of the Amazon S3 wrapper was just released. This version no longer needs the HMAC custom tags. It now relies upon Java's built-in implementation of these NSA algorithms.

Thanks to Dmitry Yakhnov for the tip:

Version 1.3 Released

An updated version of the wrapper has been released.

ACLs are now available on buckets, along with EU storage location options.

See the readme or project page for a detailed listing of the methods available.

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