New Streamlined Version 1.4

A new version of the Amazon S3 wrapper was just released. This version no longer needs the HMAC custom tags. It now relies upon Java's built-in implementation of these NSA algorithms.

Thanks to Dmitry Yakhnov for the tip:

David's Gravatar Does the Java implementation require CF8 or any specific JRE? Has it been tested for speed to see if it's truly more efficient? Just curious. I used your CFC and some others to create the first unified CF-based AWS console. IN fact, just the other night I updated your CFC in my app to use POST to send objects to S3 instead of GET. If you want to send very large files to S3 then POST is the only way to go. GET will eventually crash the computer since the whole file has to be read into memory during the readBinary process. POST gets around that. Plus, if you use CF8's new CFTHREAD function, you can use it to loop through the POSTs in the case of a multi-file upload scenario (think CF_ProFlashUpload) and have them all uploading simultaneously. It also lets the user navigate to another page without losing the uploads. I will update my console with the latest code soon or you can email me if you need it now. I am still putting it through its paces with multi Gb uploads using CF.
# Posted By David | 3/29/08 12:23 AM
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