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Amazon S3 REST Wrapper
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Amazon S3 REST Wrapper Issue: Prefix must resolve to a namespace:

Name: Prefix must resolve to a namespace:
ID: 4
Project: Amazon S3 REST Wrapper
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Jon Joyce
Created: 01/22/10 10:38 AM
Updated: 12/30/10 5:48 PM
Description: Error when trying to browse a bucket, also, when creating a bucket, nothing happens?

Error Occurred While Processing Request
An error occured while Searching an XML document.
Prefix must resolve to a namespace:

The error occurred in D:\www\Dumping Ground\AmazonS3\s3.cfc: line 169

167 :       
168 :       <cfset data = xmlParse(cfhttp.FileContent)>
169 :       <cfset contents = xmlSearch(data, "//:Contents")>
170 :
171 :       <!--- create array and insert values from XML --->
History: Created by JonJoyce (Jonathon Joyce) : 01/22/10 10:38 AM

Updated by danziger (Joe Danziger) : 12/30/10 5:48 PM
This error occurs when the AWS credentials are not supplied correctly. Error checking improved to provide better notification when this occurs.

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